Worm Composting How To Fundamentals

Dan Tainow, an authority in composting claims that “Composting immediately reduces household waste by 25% to 50%” and “triggers a chain of events: the reduction of carbon emissions from petroleum-burning trucks and their delivery of heat-trapping waste that produces methane and water-contaminating leachate to landfills”. One interesting about natural compost is the fact that is safer to use for your vegetable garden since it does not contain toxins that normally goes along with artificial fertilizers. Additionally, you are making a valuable contribution in recycling waste products that can decrease global warming. Indeed,learning worm composting how to basics is worthwhile. Once you understand the concepts behind worm composting how to basics, start making your own. The compost is not just good for your plants, it is also an excellent gift for plant lovers.

Worm Composting How To Construct Homes For Worms

Worm bins are available from garden supply stores; however, they are really expensive. Instead, you can make your own using plastic containers with cover or even wood. There are helpful websites that can guide you on on worm composting how to make bins. Just be sure to get the materials as specified in the directions to begin making your own. Once you have a built your own bin, then you can start buying wigglers.

Worm Composting How To Feed Worms

You can include any of the following food to your worm’s diet: left-over pasta, vegetables, fruits, even coffee and tea. Do not give dairy and animal products to the worms because type of food attracts flies and cause very foul odors. Peanut butter or orange rinds are examples of oily or acidic food that should not be fed to worms.

Worm Composting How To Collect Compost

After two months, the bedding becomes rich, black, earthy-smelling compost which indicates that you can already collect this compost. One of the most effective method to harvest the finished compost can be done by pushing the bedding and worms to one end and replace the other half with fresh bedding and food. In as much as two weeks, the worms have already moved to the fresh food so it is more convenient to harvest the compost from the deserted side of the bin.

Finally, you have learned worm composting how to essentials which can help the planet.

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