Tips For Pet Friendly Lawn Care Products

If you have pets, then you need pet-friendly lawn care products in your home. Most pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides that you use in your lawn an harm your pet. Many times, pets will munch on this grass and at the same time take in the chemicals that are on the grass. This can cause many health risks for your pet. When you use only pet-friendly lawn care products, this is not going to happen.

The good news is that these products are readily available today. pet-friendly lawn care products are readily produces and found at affordable prices, too. You will want to look for a seal on them that says that they are certified by vets to be safe for use in areas with pets. These are also products tested and certified by the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency.

Organic Or Chemical?

When considering quality, organic products are just as good, if not better than chemicals. While these products are helpful for taking care of your pet, they are also helpful in maintaining a healthy environment. The products are made up of natural substances such as manure from animals like sea birds or cows. These products are made up of elements that are natural and biodegradable. When you switch to using these products, you allow yourself to help the environment and you get the benefit of protecting your pets. It makes sense to use pet-friendly organic lawn care products.

Making Your Own

If you want to make pet-friendly lawn care products on your own, you can do so. Why not produce organic fertilizer to start with? You can easily make this at home from the waster products from your own kitchen. Using fruit peelings and other natural (not animal) based products, you can create compost. This is part of the natural decomposition process that all material goes through. In the process, the nutrients are broken down and the grass and other plants can take advantage of it. To make it, all you need to do is to store these waste materials in a safe location and as they rot, they become helpful to the lawn.

When it comes to maintain a healthy lawn for your pets, you need to use pet-friendly lawn care products regularly. You can make them yourself or use store bought, the point is just to keep chemical out of the mix. Your pets, the environment and even your family will benefit from these.

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