Ahhh! Fresh Air! It is Best Indoor House Plant

Scientifically proven by the minds at NASA, for the purpose of long duration space flight, the most efficient long term green solution to purifying our breathable air is plants. Indoor house plants are the best at this job. The scientists at NASA have even calculated that one six inch potted plant is needed for every one hundred square feet of living space. It seems like in today’s busy hectic life we are to plastic and concrete for plants. We depend too much on electrical devices for cleaning our air that we breathe, yet some of the best purifiers are simple indoor house plants that are rather inexpensive to purchase and maintain and very effectively remove heavy toxic chemicals from the air. Chemicals like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene.

Trees and plants have been our planets air cleaning system for billions of years. Yet we seem to forget this fact as we progress through life and advance in leaps and bounds technically. Imagine the job given to a plant that has evolved at its task billions of years. Now you compare that to a machine designed five years ago. It has been researched that indoor house plants at their best can purify the air in a home up to 85% in just a twenty-four hour period. The plants do this with no noise, no electricity and no breaking down. There are no filters to change and no parts to replace. Just some water and some indirect light and the plants are happy to thrive for years and do their job.

Best Indoor House Plant Are Really Miracle Workers

Not only do they clean your breathable air, but it has been found that indoor house plants are the best at removing stress from your environments. They have even been found in studies to be able to reduce sore throats, coughs, fatigue and other illness by about 30% in respect to other homes that did not have any indoor house plants. For a few dollars you can by palms, mother ferns, ficus, and spider plant and peace lilies. All of these are great at cleaning the air and look great in your home. On top of the multi-functionality of these plants they are some of the best indoor plants for ease of care and maintenance. Partial indirect sunlight, mist watering and occasional cleaning of the soil top is all most of these plants need to last a long time in your home. So go out and pick up a few plants and turn your home into a fresher greener place.

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