A few commandments for budding growers

Having no experience in any business, a person almost always makes mistakes. More here https://420growradar.com/p/best-electric-weed-grinder/. This is normal, they learn everything gradually – to speak, to walk, and to cultivate the earth. But you really want everything to happen immediately and in an amicable way. In today’s article, we will share some simple grower rules for beginners to avoid making common beginner grower mistakes.

Don’t complicate

You should not tackle complex technologies from the very first time – hydroponics, skrog weaving, cloning. Even if you have read a lot of literature and it seems to you that all this is easy.

It will be better and calmer to start growing something in the traditional way, on the ground. It has buffering properties, which means it can protect the plant from any mistake made in feeding or watering.

Cloning is tempting too. But in order to have something to remove clones from, you must first grow the plant, whose genetic material can be safely reproduced.

Do not violate the terms

On the one hand, there is nothing difficult about creating good conditions for plants. However, this is where inexperienced growers are often faced with problems.

  • Lighting – strictly observe the regime, it should be dark at night. And you don’t have to look into the greenhouse when everyone is asleep there, even if you really want to, even if your best friend asks you to show “for a second.” Trust me, a hermaphrodite is not what you want. If you use gas-discharge lamps – DNaT, DNaZ, DRI, DRIZ – then carefully monitor the distance from the lamp to the plant. It should be at least 60 cm above the seedlings and at least 30 cm above the tops of already mature plants. They grow very quickly, so regularly pay attention to the distance of the lamp and raise it in time, since a burnt crown is not only the most stressful for the plant but also leads to a direct loss of yield.
  • Temperature and humidity must be at optimum values. Daytime temperatures range from 22-27 °C. At night, when all the lamps are extinguished and do not heat the air, the temperature should not drop by more than 2-5 °C. It is important to remember here that a day-night temperature difference of more than 8 °C can lead to the appearance of mold. As for humidity, during the growing season, its value is 65-70%, and during flowering, it is slightly below 55-60%. At higher or lower temperatures and humidity, plants will slow down their growth and become more susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Read more about the temperature regime in the home greenhouse in our article Heat ?! How to maintain the correct temperature in your grow box
  • Ventilation – Fresh air is a source of oxygen and carbon dioxide, two components of plant respiration. For high-quality photosynthesis in the daytime, the plant needs CO2, at night, O2, so the flow of fresh air must be constantly and in sufficient quantity. Do not be lazy and calculate how much power fans are needed for blowing and blowing air for a greenhouse of your size, and install them. Also, turn on another household fan, it will provide additional air circulation and equalize the temperature, because, as a rule, warm air accumulates near the ceiling and cold air below the floor. In addition, good ventilation is able to remove excess heat and get rid of odors. We wrote about this separately in the article The wind blew from the sea! Ventilation in a grow box
  • Another point that can get you into trouble with the wrong approach is spraying. During the day it can be really hot in the greenhouse, and some, in order to make life easier for their pets, intensively spray them with cold water from a spray bottle. So, in no case should you do this! Spraying under running lamps will cause burns, not relief. Any spraying is carried out only after turning off the lamps and acts as a refreshing wash at night.

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