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The Saprophytes, unlike the common plants, are non-green in color and cannot prepare their own food...

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Harvesting cannabis gradually

When growing cannabis in a grows box, it often happens that the buds at the top of the bush, which are closer to the light, ripen much faster than those on the lower branches. This is due to the fact that only part of the light makes its way through the foliage. For synchronous maturation with the upper, lower inflorescences, the energy that they receive from the process of photosynthesis is simply not enough. This problem is especially relevant for LED lamps with low illumination intensity. These are the most commonly used growers since the more powerful ones are quite expensive. Read bud trimmer reviews.

In this regard, on hemp forums you can meet gardeners who are interested in: “How to harvest marijuana gradually?” First, all the ripe buds, and then wait a couple of weeks until the lower ones ripen. This will result in increased productivity and also allow the grower to enjoy the harvest much earlier.

Cutting cannabis cones gradually

The gradual process of harvesting cannabis should be approached with caution. The fact is that after pruning ripe cones, the plant receives stress, and the reaction to it can be different. You can’t just cut off the top of the bush, as this will completely stop bud production. Rastishka will want to grow new branches again and will move into revenge. Patience is required.

You need to cut one cola a day to keep the stress to a minimum. Pay special attention to the main stake. If you cut it off completely, the cannabis growth hormones will be redirected to grow the replacement, and bud production will stop. The central stem should be removed either last, or simply cut off the buds carefully without touching the cola itself.

Harvesting marijuana in stages is not as easy as it sounds. It is rather difficult to predict exactly how the plant will behave. However, if everything works out, then a tangible increase in yield will certainly delight the grower.

How to make cannabis buds ripen at the same time

To avoid such a problem, you can resort to several tricks that will help all inflorescence ripen at the same time.

  • Use only high-power cannabis lamps with high light intensity. Since such LED panels are expensive, it may be worth giving preference to HPS lamps. The minimum recommended power is 250 watts. But in this case, you will not be able to do without good ventilation, since the temperature in the growth box will rise significantly;
  • Install additional sidelights in the growth box. But it is worth remembering that a very large amount of light can cause a light burn in the plant;
  • For additional illumination of the lower inflorescence, you can use a special multicolor photo lamp for marijuana, which emit mainly the red and blue spectrum of light. They will help the inflorescence catch up.